White Paper

Exchange of Engaging Environment System

Global Environmental Protection

Whitepaper Version 1.3

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DEC 10, 2018

Table Of Contents

1. Abstract (First of all)

2. Introduction

2.1. What can we do ?

2.2. What will we do ?

2.3. Our mission

2.4. Our Market

2.5. Our Company

2.6. Our Core Team

2.7. Our Partners

2.8. Our experience

2.9. Our priority & Motivation

2.10. Social Networks

3. The Exees —- Technical Information

3.1. Token name

3.2. Token symbol

3.3. Token supply

3.4. Rate

3.5. Ethereum Technology

3.6. Why ERC20 / ERC23?

3.7. Exees token address

3.8. Exees Token Code

3.9. Exees smart contract 

4. The Exees —- Project Information

4.1. What is the EXEES ?

4.2. What are the products?

4.3. How to obtain EXEES ?

4.4. How else can I get EXEES ?

4.5. Payment Methods


5. Our road map

6. Capitalization

6.1. Price & Cap table

6.2. Reference : ROI Examples from previous ICOs

6.3. Project budget

6.4. Allocation of the EXEES

7. IEO

8 . Laws and regulation

9. Disclaimer

10. References 

11. Information of IEO 

11.1 About IEO 

11.2 Time of IEO 

1. Abstract (First of all )

Thank you for your interest in this white paper.

Since the Industrial Revolution, those who are leading industry have argued that prosperity requires economic growth, with environmental damage as the regrettable but unavoidable consequence. The most conspicuous environmental destruction is the creation of air pollution through burning fossil fuels. The economic outlook is not clear, but the prospect of environmental destruction is obvious. We do not see the value of environmental conservation around us. Efforts to include our ecology into our economy often fall short.

KYOTO Protocol & COP21 Paris Agreement are international agreements linked to the UNFCC, which commits its Parties by setting internationally binding greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. Both Agreement, each country determined that plans and regularly reports its own contribution it should make in order to mitigate global warming. There is no mechanism to force a country to set a specific target by a specific date, but each target should go beyond previously set targets. Even if many countries signed international agreements, it is essential for each individual to participate in environmental protection.

On the other hand, The surge in the growth of digital currencies has been exponential with Bitcoin leading the masses. And blockchain technology is the driving force behind all of it, paving the way to support the significant digital transformation from finance, to all the industries, including politics and educations. The core concept that drives its adoption is an open distributed ledger that holds a complete historical record of every transaction that promises integrity in its verification process within a peer-to-peer network. EXEES is leveraging on this technology to become a tool that can be used everyday as the best solution to protect our planet.

Backed by technology that proves to be immutable and incorruptible, EXEES will be a brand new currency that is the easiest way to prevent global warming.

Eco Pro Tech Inc.

2. Introduction

2.1 What can we do ?

We all want to protect our planet, but we’re mostly too busy or too lazy to put up big change that would improve our lifestyle and save the environment.

The following habits are simple ways to participate in the protection of the environment.

  • Switch to LED light, No more normal light bulbs
  • Turn off anything that uses electricity when not in use.
  • Unplug devices when possible.
  • Run your air conditioner sparingly or not at all. Use a warm blanket or sweater in winter
  • Don’t use electronic exercise machines
  • Conserve water.
  • Avoid using disposable items. Don’t drink coffee from K-cup.
  • Use reusable bottles for water
  • Walk or bike for local trips
  • Take mass transit
  • Drive a hybrid or all-electric car
  • Track your fuel economy and do all you can to improve it.

2.2 What will we do?

We all know that we must participate in the protection of our planet. Unfortunately we can’t take the lead in calling out. It is not because “embarrassing”. There are so many things we have to do everyday. Therefore we don’t have time to think of it preferentially.

So we will offer that

  • Everyone understands it simply.
  • Everyone can participate unconsciously

2.3 Our mission

The environmental destruction grows in a fertile ground, which is the multiplication of intermediaries. An example, if you buy a fish at the supermarket, even if the supply chain is very long. The supermarket knows where the fish came from. How about a processed food made of fish? The wholesaler might not even know the growing area of it. Because not so important for Consumer. Whether cheap or not? delicious or not? That is much more important for them.

When you think about environmental protection in your stressful life, there are things you can do and things you can’t. Our mission is to propose that stress-free participation in environmental protection with EXEES.

2.4 Our Market

Automotive Bio-Fuel & Low Emission Product

  • Bio Diesel
    • The global bio-diesel market has shown an exponential growth in production and trade across the past 10 years.
    • Today, the suppliers and production volume of bio diesel have increased and expanded globally
    • The total production volume is 28.3 billion liters
    • Top 5 Leading bio diesel producers worldwide in 2017 (billion Liters ), USA 6b, Brazil 4.3b, Germany 3.5b, Argentina 3.3b, Indonesia 2.5b ) Re: https://www.statista.com
  • Urea SCR (like AdBlue)
    • The global AdBlue market is valued at US$ 2.65 billion US$ in 2017 and will reach US$ 3.52 million by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 3.6% during 2018-2025 Re: http://www.reportsnreports.com
    • On the other hand, competitors have already decided to enter the market with their own products form 2018, and their plants of Urea SCR are under construction

2.5 Our Company


2.6 Our Core Team

DAIKI YOSHIChief Technology Officer
MASA OZAWAChief Operation Officer & COO GPC Solution Sdn Bhd
SHOJI KENMOCHITax Lawyer Former Chief Investigator National Tax Agency
TOSHIYUKI OHNOFormer NSPSF Officer (National Security Police Special Force)
AKIO TAKADAAttorney Former Chief Prosecutor of Special investigation HQ Osaka District
RAS MANIKKAMFormer CEO Felda Iffco
Yoshifumi MatsukiFormer fund manager of Mizuho Securities
Jun KojimaCertified public accountant
Previous auditing firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

2.7 Our Partners


2.8 Our Experience

Since 2012, Our team has been participating in 8 Crypto currency projects, POW / POS type, Ethereum based Token, unique blockchain programming.
(The names can not be disclosed due to confidentiality obligation) Year 2017, the world-recognized Crypto currency programed by our team was listed (ICO).
The technical skills of our team also became higher each time involved in the above project
It can be said that it is the top level in the world now

2.9 Our Priority & Motivation

Number of currencies
in the world is


Number of crypt currencies in the world is about


The number of crypto currencies being issued far exceeded the number of international currencies. It is easily predicted that natural selection will be made in the market in the near future.

The user is looking for the following

  • Utility
  • Usability
  • Desirability

Returning to the starting point, we pursue the original convenience of the virtual currency and strive to disseminate EXEES

2.10 Social Networks

It is important to explain EXEESʼs marketing strategy.
Unlike other ICOs, we will focus our efforts on SNS like Facebook.
For example
Our Facebook campaign will target a total of 1.8 billion people from all over the world, every day (excluding the United States). We will target men and women from 18 years of age to 75 years old speaking English.
Unlike a Google advertising placement, Unlike which only aims at people who research on cryptocurrency, Facebook targets people who are susceptible to like
Eco and Car pages as well.

Our mission is to make EXEES known to the highest number of people possible.
Therefore, we are planning to release our expansion through SNS.

Active users:
1.936 billion
Active mobile users:
1.74 billion
Active daily users:
1.28 billion

3. The EXEES — Technical Information

3.1. Token name


3.2. Token symbol


3.3. Token supply

2,000,000,000,000 EXE

3.4. Rate

1 EXE = 0.00000001BTC[1Sat]

3.5. Ethereum Technology

Build unstoppable applications Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference. These apps run on a custom built blockchain, a very powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property. This enables developers to create markets, store registries of debts or promises, move funds in accordance with instructions given long in the past (like a will or a futures contract) and many other things that have not been invented yet, all without a middle man or counterparty risk.
On traditional server architectures, every application has to set up its own servers that run their own code in isolated silos, making data sharing hard.
If a single app is compromised or goes offline, many users and other apps are affected. On a blockchain, anyone can set up a node that replicates the necessary data for all nodes to reach an agreement and be compensated by users and app developers. Smart money, smart wallet The Ethereum Wallet is a gateway to decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to hold and secure Ethereum and other crypto-assets built on Ethereum, as well as write, deploy and use smart contracts.

3.6. Why ERC20 / ERC223?

Ethereum is a decentralized exchange protocol allowing for the creation by the users of smart contracts thanks to a Turing complete language. These smart contracts rely on a computing protocol that recognizes the verification or the application of a mutual contract. They are deployed and available for public consultation on the blockchain. Ethereum uses a denominated count unit called Ether as the payment method for these contracts. The corresponding acronym used on exchange platforms is ETH. Ethereum is the second decentralized cryptocurrency in importance, with a capitalization of more than 15 billion euros.

An ERC20 token is no different from any other token, it just happens to comply with Ethereum’s token standard. Why would Ethereum need a token standard? Interoperability. If all tokens created on the Ethereum network use the same standard, those tokens will be easily exchangeable and be able to immediately work with Dapps, that uses the ERC20 standard. A token is “standardized” when it uses a certain set of functions. If developers are aware of how a token operates, they can easily integrate it into their projects with a reduced fear of bugs or errors. If multiple tokens behave similarly, operating the same functions in the same way, a Dapp can then easily interface with different sub-currencies. The ERC20 token standard describes the functions and events that an Ethereum token contract has to implement.

How does a token contract work? Hereunder is a fragment of a token contract to demonstrate how it maintains the token balance of Etherium accounts:

1 contract TokenContractFragment { 2 3 // Balances for each account 4 mapping(address => uint256) balances; 5 6 // Owner of account approves the transfer of an amount to another account
7 mapping(address => mapping (address => uint256)) allowed; 8 9 // What is the balance of a particular account? 10 function balanceOf(address _owner) constant returns (uint256 balance) { 11 return balances[_owner]; 12 } 13
14 // Transfer the balance from owner’s account to another account 15 function transfer(address _to, uint256 _amount) returns (bool success) { 16 if (balances[msg.sender] >= _amount 17 && _amount > 0
18 && balances[_to] + _amount > balances[_to]) { 19 balances[msg.sender] ‐= _amount; 20 balances[_to] += _amount; 21 return true; 22 } else { 23 return false; 24 } 25 } 26
27 // Send _value amount of tokens from address _from to address _to 28 // The transferFrom method is used for a withdraw workflow, allowing contracts to send 29 // tokens on your behalf, for example to “deposit” to a contract address and/
or to charge 30 // fees in sub‐currencies; the command should fail unless the _from account has 31 // deliberately authorized the sender of the message via some mechanism; we propose 32 // these standardized APIs for approval:
33 function transferFrom( 34 address _from, 35 address _to, 36 uint256 _amount 37 ) returns (bool success) { 38 if (balances[_from] >= _amount 39 && allowed[_from][msg.sender] >= _amount
40 && _amount > 0 41 && balances[_to] + _amount > balances[_to]) { 42 balances[_from] ‐= _amount; 43 allowed[_from][msg.sender] ‐= _amount; 44 balances[_to] += _amount; 45 return true;
46 } else { 47 return false; 48 } 49 } 50
51 // Allow _spender to withdraw from your account, multiple times, up to the _value amount. 52 // If this function is called again it overwrites the current allowance with _value.
53 function approve(address _spender, uint256 _amount) returns (bool success) { 54 allowed[msg.sender][_spender] = _amount; 55 return true; 56 } 57 }

EXEES is an Ethereum based on ERC20 / ERC223
Moving to original block chain from 2020, It will be migrated to the new Token

3.7. Exees token address

Contract Address:


3.8. Exees Token Code


3.9. Exees smart contract 

contract ERC223 {
uint public totalSupply;
// ERC223 and ERC20 functions and events
function transfer(address to, uint value) public returns (bool ok);
function transfer(address to, uint value, bytes data) public returns (bool ok);
event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint value, bytes indexed data);
// ERC20 functions and events
function transferFrom(address _from, address _to, uint256 _value) public returns (bool success);
function approve(address _spender, uint256 _value) public returns (bool success);
function allowance(address _owner, address _spender) public view returns (uint256 remaining);
event Transfer(address indexed _from, address indexed _to, uint256 _value);
event Approval(address indexed _owner, address indexed _spender, uint _value);


4. The EXEES Project Information

4.1. What is the EXEES coin?

  • The EXEES coin is a new cryptocurrency that is obtained through sustainable activities in daily life.
  • The EXEES coin aims to reward anyone, anywhere in the world carrying out sustainable activities in daily life.
  • You can obtain EXEES coin when you purchase ecological products, Bio-Fuel, SCRP (Selective Catalytic Reduction Product) and Engine oil with our QR code.

4.2. What are the products?

  1. SCRP ( like Adblue ) containing urea which we supply
  2. Bio-Diesel containing Bio-Oil which we supply
  3. Engine Oil using our patent

4.3. How to obtain EXEES coin?

  • EXEES coins are stored in a digital wallets accessible through a web browser at first then through a mobile app.
  • The digital wallet can receive EXEES coins, store them and send them to other digital wallets.
  • When you purchase a product with our QR code and send us the scanned data from the QR code EXEES coin will be sent to your wallet

4.4. How else can I get EXEES coin?

You can purchase coins during the following period

  1. Private selling offer period
  2. Pre-IEO selling offer period
  3. IEO

4.5. Payment Methods

Payment methods during pre-sale, multiple payment methods will be accepted:

  • Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Debit, etc.).
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Wire transfer



EXEES Card will be accepted everywhere in the world, regardless of your countryʼs currency. Your card will adapt to the geographical area in which you are located.

EXEES Card will be linked to your EXEES Wallet and to your EXEES . When you make a purchase with the card, our system will target the best available exchange rate and will debit your account of the exact
EXEES amount corresponding to your purchase in order to confirm the transaction.
No more credit limit, no more question.


5. Our Road Map

2018BusinessFinanceTechnicalPR / IR

  • EXEES Website published
  • The EXEES coin announced
  • Bio-Diesel
  • Contractor :FELDA IFFCO
  • Item :RBD Palm Oi
  • Quantity :1.2millionMT/year
  • Expected Sales :US$ 1.1 billion
  • Pre-Private sale
  • Token for Cloud Sale completed
  • Private sale series 1
  • On Etherscan
  • HB wallet available
  • EXEES Information session held in
  • Urea SCR
  • Contractor :Petronas
  • Item :Urea
  • Quantity :60,000 MT/year
  • Expected Sales :Under negotiation
  • Private sale series 2
  • Token for ICO completed
  • Token program open-source published on Github Website
  • Customer support launched
  • Web Marketing started
  • EXEES Information held in JPN,USA,HK,UK,KOR & SGR
  • Airdrop Aggregation system launched
  • SNS Marketing started Twitter, Discord, Facebook, HB wallet etc
  • Press Release
  • Airdrop
  • Distributors of Bio-diesel in EU will be announced
  • Pre IEO
  • Blockchain Programming work started
  • QR code scan system started
  • SNS marketing
  • Pres Release
  • EXEES Information held in JPN,USA,HK,UK,KOR & SGR
  • Alliance partners of EXEES in EU will be announced
  • Debit / prepaid card payment gateway launched
  • SNS marketing
  • Pres Release
  • IEO

6. Capitalization

6.1 Price & Cap table

2018SeriesPrice / EXEESBonus

Jun – JulyPre-Private Sale1 Satoshi+50%
Aug – SepPrivate Sale Series 11 Satoshi+ 25 %
OctPrivate Sale Series 22 Satoshi+50 %
Oct – NovPre-IEO2 Satoshi+25 %
Apr 2019IEO3 Satoshi

6.2. Reference :ROI (Return on investment) examples from previous ICOs

These numbers might seem enormous, but they are real.
For comparison purposes, hereunder are shown some ROI examples from previous ICOs:

Bitcoin1,887.36 %
Ethereum7,951.36 %
Ripple3,005.48 %
Litecoin938.46 %
Dash88,736.89 %
Monero1,539.95 %

6.3. Project budget

The funds earned from the EXEES pre-sale will be used according to the chart. Regardless of the received amount, the funds will always be used in these proportions. Our budget structure allows for a large part to be used for the market maintenance.

  • 27% - DevelopmentA budget of 30% of the revenue will be allowed to ECO PRO TECHʼ future products development. This budget will be used to improve the userʼs experience and to maintain it up-to-date. The team at ECO PRO TECH will design easy-to-use and safe products and applications, in accordance with the main mission of the company.
  • 5% - SecurityThe financial health of the EXEES market relies on its security. We will use every necessary and available means to secure your transactions and to protect our infrastructures against potential attacks.
  • 8% - MarketingEXEES must be known by everybody. We want to expand more in the underdeveloped countries that wish to use their own money in a safe way. We also wish to be present in the worldʼs biggest cities to outpace Bitcoin.
  • 8% - OperationsTo ensure quick and efficient transactions, our networks management team will always be optimizing our networks and redundancy architectures everywhere in the world for your transactions to be fast and for our products to remain secure.

  • 2% LegalLaws differ from one country to another. ECO PRO TECH needs to ensure compliance with these laws. Even if our services are decentralized, we need to protect the members that use our services in countries where laws about cryptocurrency are not clearly dictated
  • 50%- Market maintenanceThe major part of the pre-sale earned funds will be reserved for this use. Our market maintenance team will remain on the lookout for EXEESʼs value fluctuations when it will be launched on the market. The team will limit the value decreases by buying if the value drops.

6.4. Allocation of the EXEES

①   45%  -  Token Sale

②   15%  -  Market Operation 1

③   10%  -  Market Operation 2

④   8%  -  Organization

⑤   7%  -  Advisor

⑥   6%  -  Development

⑦   6%  -  Team

⑧   3%  -  Seed Investors

7. IEO

We will publicly offer The EXEES IEO (Initial Exchange Offering ) form 1 of TOP 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Your accessible trading.

8. Laws And Regulation

As a currency token, we strive to abide by all international laws and regulations. Currency tokens are subjected to base requirements like AML and KYC. We respect all rules, laws and abide by authority Concerned.

9. Disclaimer

  • The views portrayed in this white paper concerning the platform and other matters, which may or may not be directly related to EXEES’s activities, are EXEES’s opinion and are based on market research and technical expertise.
  • This whitepaper will be revised from time to time without notice.
  • The information provided in this white paper is provided in order to help investors and partners understand the EXEES project, it does not legally bind EXEES in any way share or form and does not legally bind any other related party.
  • The information in this white paper is not intended to solicit, recommend or offer to buy or sell any of the EXEES COIN tokens.
  • This white paper is for informational use only

10. References

11. Information of IEO


Exchange controls Funds
Not Anonymous
Hacks & Server Down


User controls Funds
No Hacks & Server Down

11.1 about IEO

  • IEOA New method of fundraise through Crypto Currency Exchanges.
  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange)**Existing exchanges are centralized systems.
    Therefore, Customer assets are often stolen by attacking. If theft is heavily damaged, the exchange goes bankrupt. Of course, Your assets will not be returned.
    DEX system can avoid hacking, internal fraud, and exchange’s bankruptcy risk because the servers are decentralized. Users can trade without worrying about the credit risk of exchange.
  • EXEES will take the following process to fundraise by IEO.1. We will send EXEES(s)to an exchange.
    2. The exchange will sell EXEES(s) to the investors who are holding trading accounts with the exchange.
    3. The funds ( including Fiat currencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin ) from the sales will be managed in our business.
    The role of the exchange on IEO is like concurrently holding functions of securities exchange and functions of securities company in the stock market.
  • Problem of ICO (Initial Coin Offer)As you all know, it is a means of fundraise since the first ICO in 2013.
    ICO is flexible and speedy method of fundraise, On the other hand, investors have challenges. Problem of ICO: It is difficult to distinguish the business model of the issuer for investors
    1. There are many fraudulent cases, investors can’t distinguish which business model can be trusted. Because there is no judgment or regulation like IPO.
    2. Investors will choose from numerous ICO deals like gambling.
  • Benefits of IEO and the difference between ICOIEO solves these ICO problems. In case of IEO, Crypto Currency Exchange intervenes between issuer and investors.
  • Benefits for investors: Easy to distinguish business modelWhen the exchange offers to investors who have accounts with the exchange, the exchange has already obtained necessary information and carried out due
    diligence. Therefore, the exchange has investigated the authenticity of the business model.
  • Benefits for Crypto Currency ExchangeUnder the circumstances where new exchanges are established one after another, competition is also intensifying.
    1.The IEO team of the exchange will cooperate with the issuer to do market research. Thus, the exchange can better under stand the business model.
    2. The exchange will offer to users who have accounts with the exchange. Of course, the exchange can expect commission income.
    3. The exchange can prevent that users to purchase fraudulent CryptoCurrencies due to the due diligence of the business model
    Due Diligence : Preliminary investigation of the value of target company and its business model risk etc.
    4. A large fee income is expected form ICO of issuer’s CryptoCurrency.
    5. It can be introduced as a new solution to Chinese investors under the severe control of ICO in China.
    IEO is a reliable solution to reduce investment risk.

11.2 Time of IEO

EXEES will be listed on HB-DEX on Apr 1st 2019