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What is EXEES?

Ecological products

The EXEES is a new cryptocurrency that is obtained through sustainable activities in daily life.
The EXEES aims to reward anyone, anywhere in the world carrying out sustainable activities in daily life.
You can obtain EXEES when you purchase ecological products, Bio-Fuel, SCRP (Selective Catalytic Reduction Product)
And Engine oil with our QR code.

Bio Diesel The global bio-diesel market has shown an exponential growth in production and trade across the past 10 years.Our missionThe environmental destruction grows in a fertile ground, which is the multiplication of intermediaries.
An example, if you buy a fish at the supermarket, even if the supply chain is very long.
The supermarket knows where the fish came from. Urea SCRThe global AdBlue market is valued at US$ 2.65billion US$ in 2017 and will reach US$ 3.52million by the end of 2025, growing
at a CAGR of 3.6% during 2018-2025

 What are the products?

The platform built on the EXEES block chain connects you and ecology in various ways.
Next generation wallet realizes the world’s first “Proof of Rendering” and “Proof of Streaming” functions for smooth browsing.

1. SCRP ( like AdBlue ) containing
urea which we supply

2. Bio-Diesel containing Bio-Oil which we supply

3. Engine Oil using our patent

Our mission

 The environmental destruction grows in a fertile ground, which is the multiplication of intermediaries.An example, if you buy a fish at the supermarket, even if the supply chain is very long.The supermarket knows where the fish came from.

How about a processed food made of fish?The wholesaler might not even know the growing area of it.Because not so important for Consumer.Whether cheap or not? delicious or not?That is much more important for them.

 When you think about environmental protection in your stressful life, there are things you can do and things you can’t Our mission is to propose that stress-free participation in environmental protection with EXEES

Our Partners

PETRONAS is Malaysia’s fully integrated oil and gas multinational ranked among the largest corporations on FORTUNE Global 500®. 

PETRONAS Chemicals Group’s (PCG) forms the world-class SAMUR project that consists of plants, ammonia and urea in the National Key Economic Area. 

FELDA IFFCO is a JV company between Felda Global Ventures Holdings, Malaysia’s largest Palm planter and IFFCO, UAE’s leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer and industrial food products.

The company is capable of the growing global oils industry


① 50% · · · Market maintenance
② 27% · · · Development 
③ 8% · · · Marketing
④ 8% · · · Operation
⑤ 5% · · · Security
⑥ 2% · · · Legal


For the use in virtual space of EXEES, For the purchase of Ecology around the world. EXEES aims to be established as the No.1 payment solution in the Ecology industry to create enormous economic zone globally.


①   45%  …..  Token Sale

②   15%  …..  Market Operation 1

③   10%  …..  Market Operation 2

④   8%  …..  Organization

⑤   7%  ……  Advisor

⑥   6%  …..  Development

⑦   6%  ….. Team

⑧   3%  …..  Seed Investors



Those who are wanting to contribute to the development of this platform, can now join the project as a Genesis Donator.

Conditions and reward

Price & Bonus





  • + 25% Bonus



THE EXEES launched
Token launched
Desktop & Web Wallet launched

THE EXEES Introduced in Exchangers
Blockchain Programming on GitHub

Desktop & Web Multicrypto wallet launched

My EXEES wallet Apps launched

Smart contract

Development of QR code data transmission / reception system Outset

Debit /Prepaid card
Online payment gateway

PROJECT SIDE2018.06Contract with FELDA IFFCO2018.07Contract with PETRONAS2018.08Private Sale Series 12018.10Private Sale Series 22018.11Pre-IEO2019.04IEO

Our Core Team

Daiki Yoshi

Chief Technology Officer

Shoji Kenmochi

Tax Lawyer Former Chief Investigator National Tax Agency

Toshiyuki Ohno

Former NSPSF Officer (National Security Police Special Force)

Akio Takada

Former Chief Prosecutor of Special investigation HQ Osaka District

Ras Manikkam

Former CEO Felda Iffco

Dato’ Mohd Nasrizal Abdul Aziz

CEO GPC Solution Sdn Bhd

Masa Ozawa

COO GPC Solution Sdn Bhd

Yoshifumi Matsuki

Former fund manager of Mizuho Securities

Jun Kojima

Certified public accountant
Previous auditing firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC


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